Behaviour Analysis

Training Programs

PBS Training

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Training

We provide training to schools, care, and supported living organisations in the principles and application of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). The training covers background to the approach, functional behavioural assessments, primary and secondary prevention, and crisis de-escalation.

Classroom Behaviour Management

Supporting Behaviour in the Classroom

Are you a teacher or school administrator looking for training in behaviour management in the classroom? Look no further! We provide training to schools in school-wide Positive Behaviour Support, Functional Behaviour Assessment, and implementing behavioural strategies that are function-based and target why the individual is engaging in the behaviour in the first place.

Staff Resilience Training

Behavioural Resilience Training

Utilising the theories and principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a behavioural science based therapy designed at increasing psychological flexibility and resilience. This is ideal for any industry susceptible to burnout. We work with corporate organisations, care organisations, schools, and many other organisations to deliver this groundbreaking training.

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