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Staff Performance Assessment

We assess variables directly impacting staff’s behaviour, and how processes are either supporting staff efficiency or hindering it. We will identify obstacles to increases in staff performance and how you can get past them, as well as how you can integrate behavioural science principles to get the best out of your staff team.

Staff team

Behavioural Systems Analysis

This approach recognises organisations as adaptive systems, and that changes in one part can have impacts across the organisation. We help you to understand how your organisational system is currently influencing the behaviour of your staff, and support you to align everything from your organisation’s mission to individual job descriptions and management processes.

behaviour based safety

Behavioural Safety Assessment and Consulting

One of the biggest challenges in high-risk workplaces to ensuring that people follow safety protocols and do the right thing. We help you to put strategies in place to ensure staff are compliant with safety protocols and procedures, and generally engage in safer behaviours more consistently.

behavioural marketing

Behavioural Marketing Consultation

Positioning yourself in such as way that makes your customers aware and want to buy from you isn’t always as easy as it seems. We help organisations better understand their customer’s and clients’ decision-making processes, and support them to implement strategies to influence buyer behaviour from your target market.

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